HACEDís Business Incubator

The goal of the HACEDís Business Incubator is to nurture start-ups and emerging businesses during the early stages of development, when they are most at risk of failure. HACED increases business success by providing clients with the necessary tools to be successful during those critical early years.

HACED is the only and first Hispanic Incubator in the State of Georgia and since its establishment HACED Business Incubator has graduated 42 companies with a great success!

If you are interested in becoming one of HACED's clients or for more information about the selection process, call 770-457-6770, or e-mail us at info@haced.org

We have an ongoing selection process; therefore, deadlines do not apply.

Some of the services the Business Incubator provides include:

        Professional office space at a reduced rental rate

        Administrative and secretarial services

        Receptionist/answering services

        Telecommuni cations equipment (e.g., computers, phones, scanners and fax machines)

        Telecommuni cations services (e.g., voice mail, T1 Internet connection and network server access)

        Technical assistance

        Access to conference rooms, break room and small business research center.

        Monthly performance reviews

        Monthly meetings with the HACED team

        Access to Hispanic and English media contacts

        Assistance with establishing initial contact with potential clients through the GHCC membership

        Assistance establishing meetings for client companies with potential clients

        Provision of a HACED team liaison to accompany client company representatives to meetings with potential clients

        Referrals to financial institutions

        Access to government and economic development resources and funding sources