The Business Incubator Program, owned and operated by the Four Lake Authority, currently leases 13 buildings totaling 118,430 square feet to 9 entities.

The following is a summary of graduates and tenants.

  • A. P. Hicks, Ent., Inc. began operations 08/011/07 in the 12,000 square foot Power Stores building, including the two mobile trailer offices located thereon.  This industry manufactures mowers for state/county/city and contract highway mowing.  They currently employ four persons.
  • Armster Reclaimed Lumber located to a 12,000 square foot building plus one adjoining acre in Village 2 on August 13, 2008.  This company salvages and re-manufactures lumber with a home office in Connecticut.  They currently employ four. 
  • Covenant Displays, after eight years as an Incubator tenant, graduated in 2003 to a new location in Lebanon.  The company produces special order acrylic display stands, primarily for the religious bookstore market.  This family-owned business employs six.
  • Cowan & Sons Woodworking graduated from the Incubator nine years ago, moving to a permanent location in Red Boiling Springs.  The company manufactures cabinetry for the high- end residential market. This family-owned and operated business employs 17.
  • ElecMech Salvage, Inc. located to a 4,000 square foot building in May, 2005.  This family enterprise originally began in Cumberland Gap, TN employs three.  They rehab switch boxes and other heavy electrical equipment.  Mitchell Gibson, owner, is always looking to expand.
  • General Spring continues to operate at the site after a Chapter 11 reorganization in 1992.  They currently employ 19 and occupy two buildings totaling 36,000 sq. ft.  
  • North Central Recycling, a regional trash recycling entity for the North Central Tennessee area, utilizes Trousdale County inmate labor.  Since 1994, NCR occupies a 16,000 sq. ft. building and continues to provide a valuable service for the Four Lake region.
  • Smith County Industrial Coatings, an Incubator graduate of 16 years, continues to thrive at its permanent location in Gordonsville.  Current employment is 15.
  • Victory Truck Lighting located to a 4,000 sq. ft. building in April 2006.  This company began as SOLAS, Inc. with two family owners and employees selling new and used heavy equipment and truck parts to businesses and small owner operators.  After the death of one of the owners in the February 5, 2008 tornado, the remaining owner has re-organized under the name of Victory Truck Lighting and specializing in LED & incandescent truck lighting and accessories.
  • Southern Debindery occupies two 4,000 sq. ft. buildings where they recycle out-of-edition textbooks.  The Lebanon based company employs three.
  • State of Tennessee/Division of Geology, leases a 4,000 sq. ft. building for the storage of rock/core samples gathered in the region.  A tenant since 2000, this division of the State’s Department of Environment and Conservation studies, analyzes, and records the core findings for future reference.
  • Sunfresh Farms moved to a permanent location on the Wilson County and Smith County line eleven years ago.  This family-owned and operated firm produces, packages, markets and ships vegetables and berries for regional markets.  They currently employ 15 persons.
  • Volunteer Adhesives, which moved to Lafayette four years ago, continues to thrive.   A producer of special order industrial adhesives, the company employs 20.

There are currently thirteen 4,000, fifteen 16,000, and one 32,000 square feet buildings available for lease at the Four Lake Incubator, since the payoff to TVA on April 27, 2007 – totaling 324,000 square feet available.