Business Launchpoint was founded in 2005 as a partnership of the University of Southern Mississippi and The Area Development Partnership. Initially set-up to help businesses in the area recover from Hurricane Katrina it has since turned into the region’s business incubator: providing office space and resources to early-stage businesses.

Business Launchpoint Mission

The mission of Business Launchpoint is to assist potential high-growth companies and to create jobs and wealth within our community.

Office Space and Conference Room

Business Launchpoint offers 17 offices ranging in size from 85sq.ft to 135 sq/ft. Additionally, tenants and partners can utilize our high-tech conference room, which is equipped with a 14ft conference table, a wireless media center, and a 50″ flat screen TV for presentations. Business Launchpoint also offers a website lab, available to tenants as part of rent, or to the public for a usage fee. The website lab is equipped with hardware, software, and training necessary for anyone to create and maintain a website. Please contact Business Launchpoint for more questions.

Technology Transfer

Noetic Technologies, located in Business Launchpoint, specalizes in commercialization of technology. Noetic connects industry to research, and research to industry. Click on their website to learn more.

Funding Sources: Angels and Loans

At the Business Launchpoint we will help connect you to the funding resources you need to help your business. While we work with everything from SBA loans to micro-loans we also have a strong Angel Investor network.

The South Missippi Angel Network (SMAN) is a group of accredited investors from our region looking to invest in early stage small businesses. Often angel investors are successful former entrepreneurs and retired businessmen searching for ways to actively invest in a market or stay at the cutting edge of information in a particular field.