Learning, Earning and Investing is a multi-faceted, comprehensive investor education program for students in grades four through 12. The 16-lesson middle school print book and the 23-lesson high school print book is designed to teach the benefits of and strategies for long-term investing success. In addition, the companion Web site offers a wide array of current data, investment education links, downloadable classroom visuals, interactive lessons and classroom-tested print lessons for students.


who is it for?
Learning, Earning and Investing is targeted for middle school and high school teachers and their students. In addition, the materials might be appropriate for young adults interested in learning more about personal finance topics.


how do I get it and use it?
The print materials can be purchased from the Council for Economic Education Store. The companion web site with detailed information on all of the materials is located at: http://lei.councilforeconed.org.

To inquire about the availability of workshops on these materials, contact your State Council on Economic Education or local Center for Economic Education.

If you’re planning to conduct a workshop, visit the Learning, Earning and Investing Workshop Leader’s Guide.