Online Resources for Young Investors

Columbia Funds “Young Investor”
A mutual fund for young investors, financial games, a college calculator, ask “The Brain”

Consumer Federation of America’s “Teenage Consumers:
Teaching Your Children How to Save & Spend”

Ernst & Young’s Moneyopolis
Designed to teach math skills to middle-school students through a financial planning game

Institute of Consumer Financial Education’s Children and Money
Saving, spending, and credit info for both young people and their parents

Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy
A clearinghouse for K-12 personal finance educational materials

Kids Money Store
Order money-related games, books, banks, etc. online.

Monetta Young Investor Fund
A fund targeted at children and teenagers to help them develop basic financial life skills

National Academy Foundation’s Academy of Finance
Financial curriculum coupled with paid internships for junior and senior
high-school students

National Endowment for Financial Education’s
“High School Financial Planning Program”
A six-unit personal finance program

SEC’s “Test Your Money $marts”
Interactive quiz for students developed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Social Security Administration’s “Kids and Families” page
Social Security information for teens and younger children

Sovereign Bank’s
Tutorials and quizzes on money and banking, saving calculators,
“Ask Mr. Money”

The Stock Market Game
The Securities Industry Association’s Foundation for Investor Education administers this electronic simulation of securities market and mutual fund trading for students in grades 4-12, sponsored by the Investment Company Institute Education Foundation; the Nasdaq Education Foundation, Inc.; the New York Stock Exchange Foundation, Inc.; and Reuters, Ltd.
Includes a retirement essay contest, interactive calculators, info on setting goals, making and investing money, sponsored by Strong Funds

Teen Consumer Scrapbook
Designed by teens for teens, this site discusses a variety of “rip-offs” directed at teens wallets, including fake “brand-name” products, scholarship scams, and questionable modeling agencies.

U.S. Treasury’s Page for Kids
Bond, tax, and inflation calculators, info on coins and currency, gifts and games

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