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Looking for online real estate investment classes that are convenient yet high quality? New for 2009, Investors United online real estate courses allow you to enjoy all the benefits of our award winning faculty and comprehensive curriculum from the comfort of your home.

Investors United, America’s first and only professional school for real estate investing, now joins the ranks of institutions such as Johns Hopkins and Vanderbilt University in its use of the state of the art Mediasite distance learning interface, so that you may view recorded classes at your convenience, or view a live class through streaming video feed.

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Online Education Tutorial

This concise tutorial shows you exactly how the Investors United Online Interface works. You’ll learn how to ask the instructor a question, take a poll, and more!

Real Estate Myths and Counter-Intelligence – FREE!

If you’re going to build a successful real estate investment portfolio, you need to begin with a solid foundation. A good portion of “common knowledge” about real estate investing is wrong, and can lead new investors down the wrong path.

Online Courses

How can you take the risk out of wholesaling, multiply your number of offers per week, and supercharge your earnings with less time, less effort, and little to no money? Charles and Ian Parrish have developed a unique method of no-money-down wholesaling that works in “up” and “down” markets, on multi-million dollar commercial properties and small ones too, and in three weeks or less. They call it “Control and Roll”.
This course will take you into the world of real estate auctions from an insider’s perspective. You’ll learn top strategies to profit at auctions, 7 common auctioneering cons (and how to spot them!), how to select an auctioneer, and much more!
This course unearths 73 little-known methods of identifying motivated sellers of real estate. You will learn which real estate sources to avoid, how to locate profitable real estate investment transactions even in competitive markets, how to bypass competition and generate investment leads, and much more.
Real estate renovation is an often-attempted, but frequently disastrous undertaking by investors. This course lays out a professional approach to real estate rehabbing that you can use to profit with little to no risk – and even with little to no up-front money.
Is it legal to buy real estate directly from owners in foreclosure? How have new Foreclosure Laws changed the way that investors must handle foreclosure situations? Protect yourself and invest with peace of mind using the latest strategies for successful foreclosure investing.
Commercial Real Estate offers awesome profit potential to those who dare to think bigger. This “Commercial Investing & Land Development” course will familiarize you with the complex world of commercial real estate and development, open the doors to your own commercial ventures, and stimulate you to take action.
Are you failing to realize your full income potential? Would you like to sit back and collect checks every month just as your banker does? How can you leverage OPM, OPC, or OPE to earn 12% – 15% in any market, tax-free and guaranteed?
Why do some investors consistently contract better deals than others? What negotiating skills can you use to get your way more often – without selling? Can you name ten things that make a “good deal” other than price? Get the edge that you need to make investing easy!
How can you tell if a property is as sound as it appears, or if expensive problems lurk under the surface? What is the best appraisal method to determine a property’s value? How can you pinpoint repair costs quickly and accurately? Seasoned real estate investors can distinguish a deal from a dog in virtually no time. This course will get you there.
Real Estate Contract Engineering is at the heart of every real estate transaction, so knowledge of contracts is essential for your real estate investing success. There are over 50 points of negotiation in every real estate investing contract. How many can you name? The better you speak “The Language of Real Estate” – the better your chances of success.
How do real estate investors mistakenly pay more taxes than necessary? Which legal precedents can help you keep more of your money from the IRS? Which business entity will protect you best from liability, audits, and taxes? How can you sell real estate 100% tax-free? STOP putting your investments at risk, and losing money to the IRS. Start protecting your income the Investors United way.

Other Resources

This is a fun yet informative recording of a special event where a panel of four veteran real estate investors recounted the errors they committed in their investing careers over the years and the lessons they learned. Most importantly, they’ll tell you how you can avoid the same mistakes, so you can save your time, money and sanity!
Do you know how to put together a profitable transaction when conventional financing isn’t available or desirable? Created by IU CEO and President, Charles and Ian Parrish, these 55 creative financing flash-cards show you how with exciting games and income-producing exercises in a convenient Pocket Pack you can carry, study, and use wherever you go!
Real estate is everywhere, but identifying truly profitable real estate investment opportunities requires advanced skills. The Power Prospecting Pocket Pack is a deck of 60 flash cards filled with proven, little-known methods to identify motivated sellers before other investors even know they exist.