Business Incubators


Maryland is home to more than 20 business incubators located throughout the state. Supported by the Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO), these incubators offer shared resources, access to state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, and business assistance.  Each has its own admissions policies, unique facilities, and program objectives.  A map of Maryland’s incubators is available in PDF format.

Descriptions of each incubator with complete contact information are organized by region:

  • Capital Region Incubators
  • Eastern Shore Incubators
  • Greater Baltimore Incubators
  • Southern Maryland Incubators
  • Western Maryland Incubators
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The goal of TEDCO’s business incubator assistance program is to promote the growth of technology companies in the State of Maryland through support of business incubators. Since its inception in 2001, TEDCO has been instrumental in building the incubation network in Maryland to become the most comprehensive and cohesive in the country. This Maryland Model includes a variety of support services available to the incubators and their companies.

To assist in determining whether or not to start or expand an incubator, TEDCO offers the Feasibility Study Grant program. This grant provides funding to a government, government-related or university-related organization to engage an outside consultant to research and write a feasibility study. The Incubator Development Fund program provides funding for capital expenditures in the development of new and the renovation of existing technology incubators in the state.

TEDCO’s annual business assistance funding enables the existing technology incubators to enhance their service offerings through providing, for example, outside business consultants, entrepreneurial training, pro bono legal services, additional networking opportunities with investors and in depth strategy planning.


c/o Technical Innovation Center
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Michael Dailey, President


The Maryland Business Incubation Association (MBIA) is an association of business incubators dedicated to sharing resources, information, and best practices among the members with the overall goal of promoting business incubation excellence within all Maryland’s incubators.  Through leveraging individual resources, MBIA is able to provide a complete package of valuable business and technical assistance to start-up companies in Maryland, even when certain skills and talent are not available locally.  Through sharing information and best practices, MBIA is able to assure a high level of quality within these best of breed incubators.  At this time, all incubators within the association are technology based, although other targeted incubators are welcome to apply for membership.