CONCORD – A group of key New Hampshire representatives for business incubation joined with Governor Craig Benson to form the New Hampshire Business Incubator Network (NHBIN). This network association is being formed to help cultivate small businesses and provide them with the necessary tools and expertise to flourish.

In response to the meeting, Governor Benson commented, It was great to have individual incubators from across the state join together. Typically over all new start-ups enrolled in an incubator Program are successful. By sharing best practices and networking together, each incubator is able to provide a higher level of service and mentorship to its companies.

The NHBIN will be a private professional association of business incubators throughout New Hampshire. They are committed to sharing resources, information and best practices with their members, promoting excellence and high quality services to New Hampshire’s start-ups.

Business incubators offer companies access to affordable rent, shared internet services and phone lines, educational programs, business planning services, and contact to various advisors, investors, and specialists. These networking opportunities provide start-up companies the ability to access high cost services at affordable prices.

Jac Cuddy, director of the Mount Washington Valley Technology Center will chair the NHBIN. Other NHBIN members include: Gregg Fairbrothers of the Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network, Julie Gustafson of the Amoskeag Incubator and John Aber, along with Warren Lackstrom of the University of New Hampshire. The members met with the Governor’s staff to discuss the need for a cohesive incubator network and best practice standards for all incubators in the network.