MISSION: It shall be the mission of the TBIA to advance the business incubator industry in Texas; to assist those communities and individuals seeking to open business incubators; to educate managers and operators of business incubators in methods of successfully growing small businesses; to educate those residents in business operations; to influence legislation favorable to small business incubators; to assist the state of Texas and the United States in economic development and diversification.

Economic Development – Job Creation – Increase To The Tax Base

Read these free articles written by business incubator owners and managers who are successfully operating business incubators.

Breaking Through Procrastination
Procrastination results in stress, poor health, and regrets that last a lifetime. Taking action leads to fulfillment, life experience, and wisdom. So read on to discover how to break through procrastination, take action, and make things happen.

What’s in you Magic Bag?
In the real world, the business world, it’s hard to be prepared for the curves that life throws you. Some are good and some not so good. Some you don’t see coming until they knock you flat. That’s the time that one must reach into their “Magic Bag” for the trick the will put you back on your feet.

Networking Is it the real information Highway?
Networking is one of the best ways to expand your customer base. It’s something that many of us do several times monthly, however what is networking really about.

Keep a Victory Log!
Are you asking yourself what a Victory Log is? Don’t worry most people don’t know either, so read on.